Songwriters / Solo Artists


One of the unique services we are extremely proud to offer at Broadwater Studios is a production package for songwriters. Tailoring each individual approach to your needs, we can support individuals with everything from simple recording and production right through to actual arrangements and musicianship on your tracks. We even offer an in-house music score service to get your songs out there to musicians/publishers worldwide.


Some artists come to us simply needing support to capture their individual sound - others come in armed only with lyrics and the desire to work with us to orchestrate a track around those lyrics. The exciting thing from an artist point of view is that your tracks are created with you in the centre of the process - not done online by someone you don't know or are able to interact with.



Our songwriter support has worked to enormous success from the US Billboard Top 20 Dance hits for 'Lisa Williams & Reiss Harrison', the BBC critically acclaimed acoustic sounds of Mark John, right through to the international award winning soulful sound of 'Dave Jnr Turner'.


If you are a songwriter or a solo artist who is needing the next step - please don't hesitate to make an appointment to come and chat through your plans and hear what would be possible here at Broadwater Studios.


Standard Songwriter Day: 8 hour day with songwriter/producer £189.50

(It's possible to orchestrate many programmed instruments with this option)


Enhanced Songwriter Day: As above plus additional session musician £289.50

(As above but with an additional second musician ie. Live drums, piano etc)


'I love working at Broadwater Studios because quite simply, it contains everything you need to make a great record. Working with Paul Worthington as Producer totally changed how I viewed making records, it's not just recording instruments and putting them on a disc, it's finding the vibe of a song and making it sound the best it can possibly sound, and that's what we strive to do every time. It's such a fun and rewarding experience finishing a record at Broadwater.! '

David Knott - 'Blackjack/Knott Brothers'


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"Ive been working with Broadwater Studios for just over 3 years now. working with the guys at Broadwater has been a blessing their work ethnic is second to none, In 2015 alone I have broke the Top 25 in the U.S
Billboards Charts with both tracks written and recorded within their walls! I could not recommend their services highly enough and look forward to Creating many more hits out the studio in the future, Thanks to Paul, Gav and Dez"

Lisa Williams


"I have been songwriting with the team at Broadwater Studios for the past 5 years and quite simply I wouldn't go anywhere else. Not only do you get top engineering and production, these guys are also incedibly talented musicians which all in one package is hard to find elsewhere. Then the cherry on top is that these people become more than just business acquaintances they become your friends. All of this matters in getting the best recording possible working with top quality skilled people who put you at ease and deliver what you want time and time again"

Dave Jnr Turner