Studio with producer/engineer:

£189.50 per 8 hour day. £99 per 4 hour min session. £26 per hour thereafter.

Mastering (inc embedding your IRSC codes): £30 per track


Standard Songwriter Day: 8 hour day with songwriter/producer £189.50


Enhanced Songwriter Day: As above plus additional session musician £289.50


Voiceover(inc visual realtime video monitoring if required): From £65


Studio based video: From £195


Music Tech Tuition: £35 per hour - min 3 hours


Label services: £75 for the 1st hour - £35 per hour therafter. No long term commitment.


Music Score: Packages starting at £25


'Stems': £12.50 per track (Bounced without FX from bar zero to enable smooth integration and future editing)


Live 'On The Road' Multitrack Recording and Mixing: £Special Offer

Studio Gift Experiences:

This list is simply a helpful 'online order point' of our most popular options and not exhaustive. Every order is valid for 12 months and full glossy 'gift certificate pack' sent out which can be given to the recipient.


Name of gift recipient

Solo Superstar: £99 / Group Superstar: £169

3 1/2 hours in the studio singing 3 songs of your choice. Songs mixed & mastered onto CD to take away.

Songwriter Experience: £189.50 / £289.50

A full day recording in the studio with songwriter support from our experienced team with a growing portfolio of mainstream chart success. Instrumentation can be programmed and orchestrated alongside the actual songwriting process. 'Enhanced' days include an additional professional session musician for the day.

Half, full and 2x day packages: £99 to £379

Very popular gifts for solo artists and bands - a dedicated allocation of time in the studio to create a project of their choice.



Studio discounts for large scale block bookings are available / to be agreed prior to the start of the project.


Equipment/Instrument Hire:

All of the studio equipment listed is included, with the exception of £29 per day for drumkit. This ensures our drums are re-skinned and tuned regularly.


Live Recording Agreement

Full Terms and Conditions


Project Backup 'Stems' Option

Number of Tracks
*Email track names separately

Please note that no CD master will be given without full payment being received.

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