We offer an excellent mastering service not only for projects that are recorded here with us but also projects recorded worldwide. Our head mastering engineer "Paul Worthington' has gained a great reputation which has seen professional projects ranging from local artists, UK/US Billboard chart entries right through to UK TV to be mastered here at Broadwater.


When you have approved your final mixes there's always a decision to be made as to whether to master your tracks or not - a basic overview of the benefits of mastering your project would include:


1. Getting final product 'broadcast ready' for your required platform.

2. Adding clarity and power to each track.

3. 'Consistency' both in tone, volume and in the flow of each track level.


If you have aquired IRSC codes as part of your project ready for distibution & resale we can also embedd them onto a final CD as part of the mastering process.


We offer an 'output specific' mastering service ensuring you are represented to the best quality possible online whether that is for itunes resale, radio play, TV or whatever your desired final destination of your track.

Some artists decide that for the intended market of their material mastering isn't important and that's absolutely fine - your final mixes will always be excellent quality. For those artists who want to take their recording through the final step, mastering always gives a smoother more professional end result.




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Accompanying our music work, we have a growing portfolio of professional voiceover work. From audiobooks and instructional audio to worldwide broadcasts such as BBC 1 'The Village', Channel 4 'River Cottage' and Channel 5 'Tattoo Fixers' - a breatdth of options are available here at Broadwater safe in the knowledge of proven broadcast results.


We are fully equipped to deliver your project whether it is a simple script capture or whether you need to 'skype in' to monitor your artist's performance in the studio remotely. A 'dual screen' system into our voiceover room ensures that voiceover on top of video is seamless and comfortable for the artist and producer alike.